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Cage Tags

Cindi Hinton

Written By:


HLRSC Guidebook -7th Edition

Cage tags are very important part of our rabbitry. We work with several different kids that don't live with us so we use different colors for different reasons and this makes it easy for everyone to stay on the same page.

Blue ID: Bucks
Green ID: Does
Pink Nest box: breeding does
Red blank: Show info
Orange blank: Sleep overs or illnesses
Purple For Sale: bunnies for sale
White blank: feed instructions

Using this system you can tell anyone to look at for a certain color for info. If they ask “When is this mama due?” Look for pink. “Which ones do you show?” Look for red. When I am feeding at night and I see an orange tag I know that I need to look at someone that may be ill feeling or that it may be a special feed for someone that is staying over temporally.

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