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HLRSC Committees

Revised 2.28.24

Advertising Committee

Chair: undetermined

Cody Taylor

Lataya Prato

Cindy Rogers

Jeremy Collins

Shari Albrecht

Auditing Committee

Chair:  Shari Albrecht



Booth Committee

Chair:  Melinda Harshfield

Dean Miller

Shelley Fletcher

Vicky Neeley

Marlene Rohrbaugh

Amanda Robinson

Constitution Committee

Chair:  Robin Laymon

Dwayne Scott

Debra Sandoval

Convention Judges Committee

Chair:  Barry Hustins

Pat Cammack

Val Cammack

Domestic Rabbit Correspondent:

Chair:  Chris Zemny

Editing Committee

Chair:  Jeremy Collins

Cindi Hinton

Scott Rodriguez

Election Committee

Chair:  Bonnie Norton

Kathy Loomis

Chrissy Royer

Alternate:  _________________

Guidebook Committee

Chair:  Robin Laymon

Jeremy Collins


Hall of Fame Committee

Chair:  Allan Ormond

Historical Committee

Chair:  Nicholas Hirsch

Chris Zemny

Heather Bennett

Grace Dull - Scrapbooker

Internet Committee

Chair:  Robin Laymon

Holly Wrege


Scholarship Committee

Chair:  Nicole Brockriede

Standards Committee

Chair:  Shari Albrecht

Chris Zemny, ARBA Judge

Cole Rupprecht, ARBA Judge

Ashlee Richards

Paige Smith

Supply Committee

Chair:  Becky Marlow

Sweepstakes Committee

Chair:  Cheri Bushee

Youth Committee

Chair:  Chrissy Royer

2024 Nationals Committee

Breed Chair:  Tammy Wheat

Breed Super:  Kevin Boling

Breed Secretary:  Gay Sparks

Booth Chair:  

Banquet Chair:  

Ashlynn Bragg & Julie Boling

Awards Chair:  Kevin & Julie Boling

Supporting Personnel:  Cindi Hinton, Austin Nash

2024 Nationals 50/50 Stock Auction

Chair:  Dwayne Scott

Todd Naragon

2024 ARBA Convention Committee

Breed Chair:  Dwayne Scott

Breed Super:  Paige Smith

Breed Secretary: 

Open- Robin Laymon

Youth - Becky Ormond

Booth Chair:  Melinda Harshfield

Banquet Chair:  Robin Laymon

Awards Chair:  Jessical Fullwood

Trio Chair:  Robin Laymon

Supporting Personnel:

Result Board - Sue Eyler

2024 Convention 50/50 Stock Auction Committee

Chair:  Chrissy Royer

2024 Executive Board

Cindi Hinton

Allan Ormond

Robin Laymon

Shari Albrecht

2024 Board of Directors

Cindi Hinton

Allan Ormond

Robin Laymon

Shari Albrecht

Katelyn Metzger

Chris Zemny

Dale Zenk

Ashlynn Bragg

Nicholas Hirsch

Stacy Hyatt

Cody Taylor

Diane Walter

Dyan Murphy





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