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Past Presidential Notes

October 2023  ~ Cindi Hinton

Some exciting things a happening in our club - I plan to post updates periodically in an effort to keep our members updated on our progress


Here are some things we have working on now:

  • you wanted to see your sweepstakes points more often!?!? We are now updating the sweeps on our website more often! We are shooting for having a screenshot posted at least every month and maybe more often - but to be very clear these are just what has been entered as of the date of the screenshot

Cheri goes through mounds of show reports so standings can change daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly

We have taken the sweeps out of our Hollander except for our final year end results

  • Next year’s convention committee has been selected and will be working hard to prepare for the 101st ARBA Convention in Louisville

  • very soon we hope to have an updated store on our HLRSC . org website. My hope is to make our store THE GO TO PLACE for anything and everything Holland - stay tuned!!

  • the board has just started the process of doing a thorough review of our constitution and bylaws to bring everything up to date

  • many have asked for a logo update - we did have some submissions but the board had to put it aside for just a bit because of convention, new officers coming in and there are some things that had to take priority and get updated so we can move forward. The logo will be revisited again once our club’s documents are all brought up to date

Always feel free to reach out to your Directors or Board with any questions or concerns!

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