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A Note from your President!!!!

HLRSC Nationals is HERE! Wishing everyone safe travels to Texas - Can’t wait to see everyone!!

Have a special wish for our club?

Have something you’d like to discuss or just tell me?

Would you like to become more involved?


Find me!!

Or hand me a note!

Or get my number to talk or text later!


If you don’t know who I am ask around, someone will point me out - I am here for each of our members and welcome your input good or bad.


Most important have fun and MAKE MEMORIES!


Good luck and look forward to seeing everyone soon!



April 2024


  • It’s time for NATIONALS!! I hope everyone has been keeping up with the updates on the 2024 HLRSC Nationals page. Our Texas team has done an AMAZING job at preparing to bring you the best show the south has seen. The awards are INCREDIBLE. I even entered two in the fur class - I have NEVER entered fur before - good luck to everyone attending and I pray everyone arrives safe and back home safe - see everyone soon!


  • Banquet auction donations - if you plan on attending the banquet at nationals please consider bringing an item or basket to be auctioned off - money raised from our banquet auctions is for the HLRSC awards budget - this is the biggest reason you see so many nice awards given out at convention and national shows


  • Hollanders are arriving in our boxes now, if you haven’t received yours yet you will soon - there is so much I love about the new touches Jeremy added but my favorite is each Zone Director’s report is followed by the same Zone Youth Director’s report. I love this because I really want each zone’s open and youth directors working together. I feel they can be a huge support to each other. Thank you Jeremy!

As always feel free to reach out to your zone Directors or Board with any questions or concerns!

April 2024 ~ Cindi Hinton

March 2024 ~ Cindi Hinton

March 2024


  • Youth Royalty Committee Members:

        Laura Dull (Chair) (Zone 8)

        Becky Marlow (Zone 5)

The first run of HLRSC youth contests will happen at nationals this April. Royalty application and info on the craft/photography/educational display contests are now on the website. Applications due via email March 25 - applications on our website under your President’s update


  • A big welcome and Thank you to Cole Rupprecht for joining our Standards Committee


  • A big Thank you to Cheri, our sweeps chair - she absolutely ROCKED it this year - all of the show reports have been received and entered. The final standings for 2023 are done and have been sent to Jeremy for our Hollander.

  • The awards have also been ordered and will be mailed out shortly


  • The results are in for our first electronic voting - our C&BL passed!! - thank you to all that voted


  • Nationals 2025 will be in Ohio hosted by the Hallmark Holland Lop Country Club - they will be having 50/50 stock auction at this year’s national in Texas to raise funds for their 2025 nationals. They are looking for quality hollands to be donated. If you have something or have questions please reach out to Chrissy Royer, Dwayne Scott or Diane Walter

  • I am sad to announce that because of a change in her situation our webmaster has had to step down. For now Robin will continue to update our website for us.

Always fee free to reach out to your Directors or Board with any questions or concerns!

February 2024  ~ Cindi Hinton

February 2024

  • We have a new Advertising Committee:

    • East and west is represented

    • Cody Taylor

    • Lataya May

    • Cindy Rogers

    • Shari Albrecht and Jeremy Collins on as well for support

  • The next Hollander deadline is Feb 15th

  • IMO for this issue is SHOW ETIQUETTE

    • What is good advice you have for newer breeders on how to prepare their animals for a show, so to show good etiquette?

    • How would you describe good behavior and good sportsmanship of exhibitors and why is that important at shows?

    • When is it the appropriate time to ask for a photo with the judge and your winner?

    • How do you show good etiquette when you disagree with the placements?

    • What is a very memorable act of great sportsmanship you've seen?

  • The Historical Committee update Heather Bennett has been added.

  • An Internet Committee update; Holly Wrege has been added as the Webmaster.

  • Our new merchandise store is live! Visit our HLRSC website and click on “shop” at the top - lots of variety!

  • Get ready for Nationals! Our Texas group has released their catalog- look up their FB group - 2024 HLRSC Nationals - This is going to be a great show and I can not wait to see everyone.

  • Our first electronic voting has been completed - the official results are in and the C&BL changes have been approved.  A huge thank you to all who voted!!

Always fee free to reach out to your Directors or Board with any questions or concerns!

January 2024  ~ Cindi Hinton

January 2024

Happy New Year!  Let’s make this year the best ever for our wonderful lil Hollands!

  • Deb Sandoval has been added to our C&BL committee.   I have no doubt Deb will be a great addition to this committee.

  • If you are interested in serving on a committee please reach out to me - I keep a list of all committees and anyone interested in serving - when a position comes open I will reach out to those interested.

  • Our 2025 national will be held in Ohio in conjunction with Ohio Mini Convention - thank you to the Hallmark Holland Lop Country Club for taking this on - updates will be posted here as we receive them and they also have a FB group.

                                                 **TEXAS 2024     **OHIO 2025

  • Our first electronic voting is up and live now - thank you Robin for getting this set up for us.  All adult members should have received an email with directions and passwords - please vote!  If you have any questions or problems reach out to our HLRSC secretary Robin Laymon.

  • Sweeps have been updated for 2023, January thru November and part of December.!

Always feel free to reach out to your Directors or Board with any questions or concerns!

December 2023  ~ Cindi Hinton

December 2023

  • This month I want to start with a big thank you to Julie Kilmer - she has been an awesome editor for our Hollander.  I am very sad that she has to step down but she has a great reason. Their family is growing and will be welcoming a new lil holland exhibitor soon!  While I am sad for my own selfish reasons, and I hate to see her go, I am very excited for the Kilmer's and all of us are sending a huge congratulations along with many prayers for an easy healthy delivery.


  • After board approval I am proud to announce that our new editor will be Jeremy Collins.  Jeremy is also the current editor of the Dwarf Digest so a lot of us already know he does an amazing job.

  • The next Hollander should be in the mail soon - look for an important announcement about our first online vote for updating our CB&L.

  • We have a new webmaster!  The Board has approved Holly Wrege.  Holly also comes to us with experience from working with other clubs and multiple years of experience building and managing websites.  Holly is in the process of getting familiar with our website and the plans are for her to take over January 1st.

  • We have a new zone 4 youth director.  A big welcome to miss Bella Horton from Arkansas.

  • The online store is still in the process of being set up by the company - we hope to have some really cool zone shirts available when it goes live!

  • We are going to have a Youth Royalty committee!!  More details coming later.​

  • Your latest Sweeps snapshot has been updated.  This snapshot covers 2023 Jan - Nov.  

Always feel free to reach out to your Directors or Board with any questions or concerns!

November 2023  ~ Cindi Hinton

November 2023

  • We want to offer support and recognition to our overseas breeders! Cody Taylor will be our “Overseas Recognition Contact” watch for his report of ideas and goals in our next Hollander

  • Our main goal the past couple of weeks has been the Constitution and By-Laws .  Initial review of Constitution and By-Laws is done - suggestions were sent to our Constitution and By-Laws committee and now has been sent to our Board of Directors, next our members will be voting - a special announcement will be in our next Hollander

  • We are getting close to finalizing details for our online store and hope that it is ready even before our next update!

  • Amanda Robinson has decided that continuing as our merchandise chair is just too much right now. She had been a huge blessing to our club and I thank her for everything she has done for us. I am thankful that a she is not going anywhere and is still available to help and guide us as needed.

I would like to welcome Becky Marlow as our new supply chair. Becky lives in Missouri with her family. She has dedicated many hours to our breed, supporting youth, organizing and helping host area shows, including the Missouri state convention.

Always feel free to reach out to your Directors or Board with any questions or concerns!

October 2023  ~ Cindi Hinton

Some exciting things a happening in our club - I plan to post updates periodically in an effort to keep our members updated on our progress


Here are some things we have working on now:

  • you wanted to see your sweepstakes points more often!?!? We are now updating the sweeps on our website more often! We are shooting for having a screenshot posted at least every month and maybe more often - but to be very clear these are just what has been entered as of the date of the screenshot

Cheri goes through mounds of show reports so standings can change daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly

We have taken the sweeps out of our Hollander except for our final year end results

  • Next year’s convention committee has been selected and will be working hard to prepare for the 101st ARBA Convention in Louisville

  • very soon we hope to have an updated store on our HLRSC . org website. My hope is to make our store THE GO TO PLACE for anything and everything Holland - stay tuned!!

  • the board has just started the process of doing a thorough review of our constitution and bylaws to bring everything up to date

  • many have asked for a logo update - we did have some submissions but the board had to put it aside for just a bit because of convention, new officers coming in and there are some things that had to take priority and get updated so we can move forward. The logo will be revisited again once our club’s documents are all brought up to date

Always feel free to reach out to your Directors or Board with any questions or concerns!

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