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101st Annual

ARBA Convention

October 26-30, 2024

937 Phillips Lane

Louisville, KY, 40209


Show Details

Breed Chair:  Dwayne Scott                                                                  Breed Secretary:

Breed Superintendent:  Paige Smith                                                                *Open - Robin Laymon

Banquet Chair:  Robin Laymon                                                                             *Youth - Becky Ormond

Awards Chair:  Jessica Fullwood                                                        Trio Chair:  Robin Laymon

Stock Auction Chair:  Chrissy Royer                                                 Booth Chair:  Melinda Harshfield

Writers & Rams for each Judge:  TBD by Breed Secretary

Result Board:  Sue Eyler

Open Judges:                                                                                                   Youth Judges:

Corey Hayes                                                                                                     Becky Stock

Jeremy Collins                                                                                                Hope Blackburn

Kevin Stanford

More information coming soon!

HLRSC Awards Banquet

HLRSC 50/50 Auction

Date:  TBD

Time:  TBD

Location:  Holland Lop Show/Cooping Area

Donated Hollands will be Auctioned off; helping to raise money to offset award expenses.  The seller has the option to receive their 50% of the sell price; or they can donate it to the HLRSC for Awards or the Youth Scholarship.

Contact Chrissy Royer or visit the Auction Facebook Page to make a donation to the Auction early, as there is a limit on available sale slots.

HLRSC Trio Raffle

Winner will be announced!

Date:  TBD

Time:  TBD

Location:  Holland Lop Show/Cooping Area

Trio Donation from:


Every year a Trio is donated by selected breeders for our Trio Fundraiser Event.

Tickets are available for a $5 per ticket fee. 

Tickets will be available at the HLRSC Booth at Convention!

The winner does not have to be present to win, but they do have to have arranged transport home.  

Trio Donation from :



Trio Donation from 


HLRSC General Membership Meeting

Date:  TBA

Time:  TBA

Location:  TBA

Our general membership meeting is held each year at the ARBA Convention.

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