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Breed Information

The purebred Holland Lop is an extraordinary breed.  The most important characteristics that distinguish the Holland Lop from others are its compact, massive body and a bold, beautiful head that is framed with short, thick ears that fall close to the cheeks from a well defined and correctly positioned crown.  The Holland Lop, in general, is a well-balanced breed with great width and depth with strong legs and heavy bone.  With the added benefit of having an endearing temperament, the Holland Lop is one of the most popular breeds in the world today.

Key Attributes

General Type Explained

When it comes to producing and selecting top quality rabbits, it is always important to refer to the Standard of Perfection (SOP), an American Rabbit Breeders Association publication.  The SOP serves as the authority for judging type at shows and an unparalleled guide for breeders who strive to cultivate competitive, top quality rabbits.  Another equally wonderful publication this is packed with educational information, including details about type, is the HLRSC Guidebook; which comes free with all new memberships.  Below, we have included general type information to help you get started.


The body should be short, massive, and wide set with a topline that starts behind the head and carries back to a well-muscled body and hindquarter.  Equal width, depth, and length with a broad chest is important for proper balance.  The equal ratios allows for evenness of body that can be seen when comparing the width between the front legs and hinds fee when flipped upside down or felt when transitioning your hand over the shoulder to the hindquarter.  The shoulder and chest should not exceed the width of the hindquarter.


The head should always appear massive, in proportion to the body, set high and close to the shoulders, and have good frontal width that starts from the crown, rounds between the eyes, and ends with a short and round muzzle.  The eye of the Holland should be bold and deep.


Ears should be thick and wide, well-furred, and have the infamous rounded, teaspoon shaped tips.  In addition, the ears should hang close to the cheeks from a properly defined and positioned crown; which caused the front of the ear to lay just behind the back of the corner of the eye where the upper and lower lids meet.  The length of ear should be balanced with the head and hang equal to or slightly longer than the jaw.


A beautiful crown is one of the most important attributes of the breed.  It should be strongly defined with a ridge that appears to sit on top of the head to help give a more massive appearance.  A correct crown should have excellent front to back and side-to-side width and excellent depth consisting of good cartilage and fur.  The crown should wrap from one side of the head to the other ending just behind the top of the eyes.  No space between the ear and the eyes should be seen when viewed from the side.

Bone, Feet & Legs

The legs are to be short, straight, and thick in appearance due to being heavily boned.

Rollback Fur

Holland Lop fur is to be glossy, dense, fine, and approximately 1" in length.  It should gradually roll back into normal position when stroked in the opposite direction of natural growth, i.e.: hindquarters to shoulders.

Color & Markings

Although Hollands come in many colors, they are only shown in solid and broken (color with white pattern) groups.  Please see the HLRSC Guidebook for more details.

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