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Stock Auction

At the Annual ARBA Convention the HLRSC holds a Stock Auction to assist in raising funds for Awards or the Youth Scholarship. We are looking for quality donations from all over the country, that will meet the Auction Rules. Review the rules, and submit your Stock Auction From to

Auction Rules

1.  All donated animals must be entered at convention and judged. No scratched or DQ'ed animals will be sent through the auction.


2.  Rabbits will be inspected for DQ's by a judge before the auction and if a DQ is found, the animal will be removed from the auction.


3.  Animals must stay in the show room until the official release date and time of the ARBA Convention Rules


4.  Animals must have a completed three (3) generation pedigree provided.


5.  All animals must have a completed sales slip, provided by the seller.


6.  Does must be less than 4 years of age to be donated.


7.  You do not have to be present to bid, however you must have a proxy that can be present to bid for you.


8.  The buyer is responsible for transport for any animals purchased in the auction.


9.  Payment is due immediately following the auction. Paypal is accepted.


10.  The following are options of donation:

  • 100% HLRSC (goes to HLRSC Awards Fund)

  • 50% HLRSC / 50% Scholarship (50% to HLRSC Awards Fund / 50% to Youth Scholarship Fund)

  • 50% HLRSC / 50% Seller (50% to HLRSC Awards Fund / 50% to Seller)





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