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Mothballs in the Rabbitry

Cindi Hinton

Written By:


HLRSC Guidebook -7th Edition

Mothballs! No these are NOT fed to the rabbits, but I will never live without them again. One thing I cannot stand is snakes! Well in a barn if you have mice you are going to eventually find a snake. They come in looking for the mice, so the only way to keep the snakes out is to keep the mice out.

We discovered a way to keep both out. We now have a new favorite product and have learned that we love the smell of mothballs! (Not really, but it's worth it) I keep a box of these in my barn in a closed ziplock bag. About two to three times a month I walk down each aisle in the barn and drop one mothball about every five feet. I put one or two behind each shelf and in each corner. I don't put enough out to make the smell overwhelming, but just enough so that there is a light smell. It has not seemed to bother the rabbits at all, and we have not had one snake or mouse in barn for a whole year!

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