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Cheri Bushee

Sweeps Chair


Phone #


Visit us on Facebook at:

Cheri Bushee

HLRSC Sanctions

Send your sanction request and fees to:

Cheri Bushee, Sweepstakes Chair

PO Box 27

Spencerville, IN 46788-0027


Open Sanctions: $15

Youth Sanctions: $10

Sanctions can be purchased online at:

Please return your sweepstackes report(s) to the sweeps chair within thirty (30) days of your show, and please be certain that all required EAR NUMBERS & an exhibitor list is provided for each show, otherwise your report(s) will be returned for corrections. 

On behalf of "The Hallmark Breed", we thank you for supporting us.  Please contact us should you have any questions.

  • Required Show Catalog Information:

    It is required that the following information appear in your show catalog:Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club, Inc.Official Sweepstakes Showwww.hlrsc.comSanction requests and sweepstakes reports should be sent to:Cheri BusheePO Box 27Spencerville, IN  46788cheri48@aol.comSanction Fee:  Open: $15.00    Youth $10.00"ALL SANCTION FEES MUST BE PAID IN US FUNDS**

  • Sanction Requests must be received at least 15 days prior to show date!

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